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Global Warming Slow Down

The Global Warming record has a relative top at 1944, and another relative top at 1998, exactly 54 years later.  These data points show a clear 54 year cycle.  We have yet to exceed the 1998 peak fifteen years later and the next relative bottom twelve years from now is the most likely major war date as well, 2025.  This global warming pause is predictable to a 54 year cycle theorist, but a complete mystery to the IPCC with its 240 specialists in 205 different areas.

Nicolai Kondratiev worked in 1926 in the atmospheric physics center in the early Soviet Union, but because he predicted the post World War II economic boom Stalin sent him to Siberia where he died.  Stalin did not want to consider that capitalism would ever recover, so the Kondratiev Wave based on historical pig iron production cycles, was ignored in his own country due to politics and in the West due to Soviet origins.  Divorced from its weather roots, the long cycle of about 50 years is usually considered an economic cycle.  As far as I know, I am the only one in the world to link this 54 year cycle to climate change and wars and show causality from climate to economy to war.  48 major events document this cycle.  For Roman Empire Wars and Klyashtorin’s work on Greenland ice core data, the cycle is 55 years, which is better to use for a moving average.

Dr. Peace, Dr. Bob Reuschlein,


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