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America likes to pat itself on the back as the free-est country in the world.

But “Reporters without borders” ranks us only 47th in press freedom, 57th in our overseas operations.  When you drop Italy from the analysis, where the government in power is lead by the man who owns the press there, we are the lowest of the G7 powers.  Canada 10th, Germany 16th, and Japan 22nd, lead the way, with Britain 28th in the middle, then France 37th and lowest of all, the United States at 47th.

Even Jimmy Carter admits we no longer have a functioning Democracy.

If you want to, corporate control, or control by the rich, or dare we use the F word, fascism, seems to be the common thread in Italy and America.  The Tea Party craze seems to capture the essence of that problem.

The Spirit Level book has a thesis of income inequality explaining the many developed world leading negative social and health statistics America has.  But empire, as expressed by long term military spending averages, has a much stronger pull on the leading Spirit Level statistics.  And press freedom correlates a robust negative .76 with empire versus only a moderate .63 with inequality, the same 13 point differential that exists with the Spirit Level top six.  So the ten worst effects of empire are, in order, social mobility, then manufacturing productivity, prisoners, teen births, homicides, workhours, mental illness, inequality, press freedom and obesity.

Dr. Peace (my license plate),

Dr. Robert Reuschlein,,


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