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Miles Per Gallon Ethanol Fraud

The Miles Per Gallon Ethanol FRAUD

Ethanol in your gasoline does not improve the environment or save oil at all.  The 10% Ethanol standard has lead to 10% less miles per gallon on all three of my cars used since 2011.  Since I calculate miles per gallon every time I fill up this is based on very consistent averages, both city miles and highway miles show the 10% lost mpg.  As an engineer accountant with a doctorate, I do these calculations very seriously.

The new cars I have owned since 1974 show that EPA mpg in new cars have been very reliable up until recently.  Our new Chevrolet Cruz, bought in April 2011, is the first new car in 37 years that does not perform up to specs unless you use no ethanol gasoline such as that available from Wayne’s U.S. brand on Cottage Grove Road.

We are supposed to get 36 mpg highway on this car, we actually get about 35 mpg on round trips to Milwaukee and Whitewater on no ethanol gas and only 31 mpg with 10% ethanol gas on long trips such as Kansas.  I’m convinced that the EPA mpg posted on cars today is a complete fraud if using 10% ethanol gasoline.  To get the higher mpg posted on new cars they must be using no ethanol gas in the testing.  Government must be in collusion with the auto and ethanol industries in order to continue this fraud, they are ripe for a class action law suit.

Dr. Peace,  Dr. Bob Reuschlein,


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