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New Feudalism

Saturday’s Peace Fest September 7, 2013, featured an education about the new feudalism. The old feudalism arose in that gloomy time between the Roman Empire and the Renaissance of the modern age. It was a time of rampant militarism, where no one was safe unarmed on the roads. It was a time when the church flourished at the expense of science, sound familiar? It was a time of lords and serfs, where the lords protected the serfs with castles and motes and knights in shining armor. That is to say, rampant income inequality like today’s America. It was a time of income stagnation.
Today we have right wingers selling the poor serfs on the nonsense that the welfare state is causing the collapse. Don’t blame that rich lord for starving the middle class and driving them into deeper into debt. Give that lord more tax breaks to invest the excess overseas without restrictions. Double the share of national income going to corporate profits. Quadruple the ratio of top 1% income to average incomes. Bust unions whenever you can. Go back to home schooling and eliminate the public schools. Force the poor into the emergency room and drive up health care costs on the middle class. Lock up as many black males as you can with drug wars and privatize the prisons. Twelve percent think they are in the 1% and another twenty three percent aspire to be. Those are the gullible Republican base of 35%.
Dr. Peace (my license plate),
Dr. Robert Reuschlein,,


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