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New Jim Crow

The New Jim Crow

The new jim crow began with Nixon’s Southern Strategy and the ratcheting up of Drug Laws targeted at blacks.  Reagan piled on with three strikes and you’re out laws and the number of black males in prison is five times what it was in Jimmy Carter’s presidency thirty five years ago.

Conservatives like to cite that unwed births in the black community were only 24% fifty years ago and are 72% today.  Well, of course, when one third of all black males have served time in prison, that’s going to have a big impact on the stability of black families.  Crack cocaine, popular with blacks, was penalized ten times as much as powder cocaine, popular with whites.

So, yeah, Bill O’Reilly, when you lock up huge numbers of black males, destroying their vote and career prospects and college loan prospects, you should expect that to either prevent or destroy a lot of black marriages, giving rise to the statistics you quote.

Then compound it all with high military spending disrupting the economy and driving up the murder rate.  Our drug war, just like real war, is ruining all of us but especially with laws and law enforcement directed at the black and latino community.  Nonwhite state population percentage correlates about 90% with a state’s murder rate.  By international rates, military spending is even a better predictor of murder rates, so the brunt of the burden of empire falls on blacks.  Still the burdens of empire are more and more affecting all of us including whites.

Dr. Peace (my license plate),

Dr. Robert Reuschlein,,


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